The Right Way To Approach Credit Card Acquisition Campaigns

The Right Way To Approach Credit Card Acquisition Campaigns

By Conner Cole • May 25, 2016

Most brands approach credit card acquisition campaigns with generic display ads and an emphasis on driving top of the funnel website traffic. Ampush, however, has developed an improved, performance-oriented approach to credit card acquisition from Facebook using our signature tech + team approach that both improves the customer journey from ad to approved cardholder and focuses the campaign’s KPIs on the goal of customer acquisition. Ampush also offers our financial service brands the ability to have their standard marketing campaigns feed into, and empower their related credit card acquisition campaigns. Below are two focus areas of the Ampush approach.


Improving the User Experience of Credit Card Acquisition Ads

Historically, top brands have struggled to target audiences in a particularly sophisticated manner, with most of their budgets focused on display ads. Native ads on Facebook allow Ampush Media Analysts to target users based on interest, demographic, and lifestyle factors. This allows us to run ad creatives with an improved degree of personalization, yielding higher click-through rates and furthering the idea that a particular credit card is the right choice for the viewer.

For each of our financial service partners, or partners with affiliate credit card programs, we map out the flow of their user acquisition to understand what decisions are being made at each stage.
By pixeling the entire customer journey, from landing page to the end of the application, Ampush is able to evaluate different drop-off points & re-target users on a device & intent granularity. Ampush combines tailored ad copy and landing pages to enhance the user’s experience of the signup process and improve conversion rates.
Ampush has years of experience working with credit card partners and has numerous QA processes in place to ensure compliance and regulatory advertising standards are met.


Enhanced Audience Targeting with Facebook

As with other verticals, Ampush Media Analysts improve spending efficiency for our partners by leveraging CRM data to exclude nonapplicable users from the credit card acquisition campaigns: including current card holders, those already deemed ineligible, and users less likely to be approved or who will likely be less profitable customers. For partners running affiliate credit card programs, Ampush leverages learnings about the brand and fan base to inform cardholder acquisition efforts.

Then, Ampush Analysts focus on the audience targeting strategies that matter most to each of our financial service partners by segmenting out potential groups based on different variables. All audiences are evaluated for audience size & overlap is minimized by implementing targeting exclusions of similar audiences. This allows analysts to more accurately determine which targeting variables have the biggest impact on performance, and avoids any significant ad set overlap, which can hurt delivery. This also ensures the selected variables on which the groups are based are indeed true points of differentiation amongst potential audiences.