The 4-Step Guide to Creating Awesome Facebook Ads for Your Mobile App

The 4-Step Guide to Creating Awesome Facebook Ads for Your Mobile App

January 23, 2014

If you’re a mobile app marketer, you likely know that marketing your app on Facebook is one of the best ways to drive engagement and installs. With over one billion people using the social network, there is ample opportunity to reach the right people at the right time with Facebook ads. The most successful mobile app marketers know four key things: which ad type to prioritize, how to reach the right audience in order to drive conversions and engagement, and, all the meanwhile, how to optimize budget with campaign goals in mind.

1. Choose the Right Ad Type

Facebook advertisers have dozens of ad types at their fingertips – but a mobile app marketer should focus on two specific types to create the most effective ads: mobile app install ads and mobile app engagement ads. Mobile app install ads advertise your app right in a user’s News Feed and are designed specifically to drive installs (hence the ad unit’s name). When a user clicks on the ad for your app, they will be directed to either Google Play or the iTunes App Store to download it.

On the other hand, you can target existing users to re-engage with your app with mobile app engagement ads. For example, a travel app could target its existing users with a relevant flight ad by incorporating a call to action like “Book Now.” When the user clicks the ad, they will be sent straight into the app to the flight deal advertised. Similarly, a game app could run an ad to its existing players encouraging them to try a new level or start a match, with a “Play Game” call to action. This type of re-engagement is also called deep linking, and is displayed in a user’s News Feed on mobile devices.

Check out our mobile app ads checklist infographic for more best practices.

2. Use Engaging Creative

To create a truly awesome Facebook ad, you will need to go beyond simply selecting the best type of ad for mobile apps. Facebook recently introduced the option to integrate video into mobile app install ads and mobile app engagement ads, which plays automatically for users as they scroll through their News Feed. Though incorporating video into ad campaigns can be an extensive process for your marketing team, it is an exciting way to capture users’ attention and engage them with your ad, making them more likely to install or re-engage with your mobile app.

3. Optimize Your Budget

Be sure that your selection of the best mobile app ad and subsequent design allows you to optimize your budget. When you’re working with mobile app ads for installs, you can choose to work with CPAs, oCPM, or CPC bidding options. With CPA bidding, you can express the maximum bid you are willing to pay for an ad and Facebook optimizes ad delivery to drive app installs. However, if you don’t have quality install history on Facebook, you may want to choose CPM, or Optimized CPM (oCPM) bidding, where you can optimize for audiences most likely to install your app and pay per impression. When working with re-engagement ads, you can set a campaign budget and optimize for clicks. By choosing the best type of bidding option for your ad, based on your history of running ads on Facebook, you’ll be able to create an awesome campaign for your mobile app that will drive more installs and conversions.

4. Keep Campaign Goals Top of Mind

When considering your options for Facebook ads for your mobile app, be sure to think about ad formats that meet your marketing goals. As you want to drive installs or existing users back to your app, be sure to leverage mobile app install ads or re-engagement ads that deeplink existing users to a specific point in the app. By using Facebook’s technology to target potential and existing users and capturing user intent where they are most engaged – right in their mobile News Feed – you’ll be able to create awesome Facebook ads for your mobile app.

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Kelly Clay is the Digital Communications Strategist at HasOffers, the leader in attribution analytics. In addition to writing about emerging news and trends in the performance marketing and mobile industries, she is a columnist for Forbes, covering the intersection of technology and society. She can be can also be found on FacebookTwitter, or her personal blog… and usually with a cup of coffee in hand, too.