Targeting The Fastest Growing Mobile Gaming Audience: Women

Targeting The Fastest Growing Mobile Gaming Audience: Women

By Justin Teixeira • September 27, 2016

2016 marks the first time mobile gaming accounts for a larger share of total Gaming Industry revenues than PC gaming, with a 21.3% revenue increase according to Newzoo. For our mobile gaming partners, the time to scale their user acquisition campaigns has never been better. To drive the greatest possible return on ad spend for our partners, Ampush Analysts leverage our gaming industry expertise and campaign data to focus on the audiences with the greatest revenue potential, women. Read on to learn more about this sizable, active, and revenue generating target audience.


Women Gamers

The Gaming Team at Ampush has long been aware of the evolving demographic makeup of gamers within the industry. For the last few years, numerous studies have documented that women are a growing and active gaming audience. Recent research even points out that female gamers are beginning to surpass male gamers. Research firm RealityMine found that 70% of women play mobile games, compared to 66% of men. Women also spent more time playing mobile games, with women playing mobile games 25% longer than men on average. Women also play a greater variety of games than men- an interesting insight as new app downloads become less common for smartphone users. The Entertainment Software Association has also found that the Casual Games category has driven a significant increase in female gamers.

Within the female gaming category, the Ampush Gaming Team notes one category as being more valuable and strategic than the rest: moms. The Entertainment Software Association found that female gamers aged 50+ grew at the most dramatic pace: 32% increase year-over-year. RealityMine also noted that 70% of all mobile gamers over 45 years of age bought virtual goods within the games they play.

What We See: More Casual Gaming Installs from Women

Ampush leverages gaming industry trends such as these to inform our app install strategy for our casual mobile gaming partners. Ampush Analysts segment target audiences by gender to identify creative and copy preferences specific to women, and to help allocate budget to top performing audiences to increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). A recent survey of our casual mobile gaming portfolio revealed that 64% of all installs came from women. The average age of a female game installer was 39.5. Ampush Analysts noted that female casual gaming players had a slightly cheaper cost-per-install (CPI) as well. Ampush’s proprietary tools analyze our partners’ highest value users from their core demographics to allow us to efficiently target high ROI users from secondary markets (i.e. the other demos). For one title, female gamers 65 years and older made up 10% of total female installs and had a click-through-rate (CTR) 161% higher than the overall average.