Retargeting with Website Custom Audiences vs. FBX

Retargeting with Website Custom Audiences vs. FBX

January 30, 2014

Retargeting is now even more effective for Facebook marketers – and travel, e-commerce, and mobile app companies should take note.

This week, Facebook made available to all advertisers new ways for mobile and direct response advertisers to easily deliver targeted messages to people who have previously visited their mobile app or website. In limited release since October, now all advertisers can create Custom Audiences based upon the actions people take while visiting their site or mobile app, then retarget ads directly to these individuals encouraging them to return to the site and complete a purchase. Retargeting is proven to boost in-app purchases, lower shopping cart abandonment rates, reactivate purchasers, and drive return website visits.

 But I’m already doing this with FBX. Why is this a big deal?

Advertisers can already retarget ads to customers with FBX; however Custom Audiences from a website or mobile app present three key differentiators:

1. Mobile Inventory

Currently, if a customer visits your site on desktop, FBX cannot retarget an ad to this person on their mobile phone. Considering 48% of time spent with online retail is on mobile, this is huge for online retailers and travel booking sites. With the Facebook marketing pixel, advertisers can retarget users across platforms. In early Facebook tests, a select online retail client saw over 8X ROAS for their mobile shopping cart abandonment campaign.

2. Layered Targeting

Advertisers can now layer their retargeting efforts with additional targeting tools like Demographics, Location, Behavior, and Interests to reach even more precise audiences. For example, a travel site looking to increase bookings in tropical destinations could target previous website visitors that “like” the beach and live in a cold location.

3. Retargeting App Users

Facebook’s mobile app retargeting presents a huge opportunity for app makers looking to engage and re-engage dormant users cross-platform.

Custom Audiences from a website or mobile app pose plenty of benefits not currently offered by FBX, but don’t jump ship just yet – FBX is still the choice solution for advertisers who have a large catalog of products and advertise to multiple audiences. Dynamic ads featuring exact images of the product previously viewed by the customer are also only available on FBX.

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