Ampush Partners with Raymond James to Present The State of Mobile Advertising Q3 Benchmark Report

Ampush Partners with Raymond James to Present The State of Mobile Advertising Q3 Benchmark Report

By Diana Mackie • October 15, 2015

Ampush and Raymond James came together on Thursday, October 15, to present Ampush’s State of Mobile Advertising Q3 2015 Benchmark Report. Moderated by Aaron Kessler, Senior Research Analyst, and led by Ampush Co-Founder and COO, Nick Shah, the call revealed key highlights and analysis on the mobile advertising market. If you missed the call, we have made the audio of that quarterly performance call available to download.

The third quarter of 2015 was an eventful one for Ampush. Not only did we see increases in spending Q/Q and Y/Y, but it was also our first full quarter of offering advertising across all four of the top mobile platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We’re excited to help our clients reach these audiences in meaningful and engaging ways.

As has been the case in for some time, our mobile spending outpaced desktop budgets by a long shot. Growth in this area was powered by  Mobile App Install campaigns, which accounted for 53% of all campaign spend and grew Q/Q by 41%. Overall, September saw the largest monthly spend in our company’s history.

Here are some of the other highlights you’ll find in the report.


Mobile Spending on The Rise

After seeing early success on our newest platform, Instagram, we helped publishers scale their campaigns quickly. By quarter’s end, Ampush had become one of the top spenders on Instagram. Spending was concentrated on Direct Response campaigns, and generally, our clients have achieved or exceeded their campaign objectives on this platform.

Growth continued for Facebook and Twitter, where mobile spending increased by 14% and 7% Q/Q, respectively. Pinterest campaigns in Q3 saw promising efficiency and we expect platform spending to increase in Q4.

Check out our case study library to learn more about the successful campaigns we’ve run on each of these mobile-first platforms.



What’s Powering The Most Mobile Ad Spending Growth??

Mobile App Install campaigns saw the most growth (41% Q/Q increase in spending) and Direct Response campaigns saw the greatest total spend for the quarter.  Both of these indicate that mobile-focused advertisers are honing in on performance-based strategies.

The Entertainment and Travel verticals increased their spending more than any other verticals from last quarter while the Gaming vertical spent the most in Q3 overall.


Prescriptions for Holiday Campaign Success 

1 ) Test the waters for a smooth voyage
Testing your holiday campaign assumptions in October will allow you to refine
your audience targeting and messaging to create the perfect match and attain a
performance-boosting Relevance Score to help drive holiday results. Testing now
will allow you to serve enough impressions to reach accurate conclusions about
the effectiveness of your various strategies. This will also unlock CPA bidding for
your campaigns. Testing your holiday campaigns in October is also a cost-effective
way to gather data that can inform your other, offline holiday campaigns.
Ampush Recommends: Test your holiday campaigns prior to the start of the
holiday season. October is an ideal time to test, but make sure to complete this
step at least two weeks prior to your target holiday.

2 ) Monitor Conversion Rate vs. CPM Change
For Q4 campaigns, monitor the change in your conversion rates relative to
the change in your CPM. Costs and click-through rates will rise for all types of
campaigns and verticals during the peak holiday season.
Ampush Recommends: Check your conversion metrics daily to monitor the change
in CPM relative to the change in CTR. They should experience about the same
rate of change (i.e. CPM will increase, but so should the CTR as engagement and
traffic are at peak). If you find CTR rising faster than CPM, that is a cue to scale
spending in order to maximize overall ROAS.


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