Travel App Sees Conversion Rates Jump 34% with Mobile App Install Ads

Travel App Sees Conversion Rates Jump 34% with Mobile App Install Ads

February 6, 2014

An uber cool last-minute hotel booking app has been on a fast growth trajectory since its launch in 2010 and now features hotels in nearly 250 locations across 17 countries. The app offers a first-rate, made-for-mobile experience. Rooms can be booked with a few simple steps on users’ smartphones up until 2 a.m. local time, and all hotels have been personally vetted and curated. As an international company that’s 100% focused on mobile, global mobile app installs are a critical driver of growth.

With ambitious growth goals both domestically and internationally, the company turned to Ampush to help drive app installs through Mobile App Install Ads in the News Feed. They also were looking to drive awareness of a recently launched option which makes top luxury suites available to users at up to 50% off regular rates.


Ampush created and executed a multi-faceted, global News Feed campaign focused on the company’s high-priority national and international markets, utilizing Custom Audiences, lookalike audiences, re-engagement ads, and video ads for mobile.

Our creative team worked hand-in-hand with our media analytics team to develop over 50,000 unique ad variations (copy/language, creative), with various messaging and images targeted at segmented audiences. Broad categories, partner categories, and Interests targeting were used.

After serving ads, Ampush utilized downstream revenue and event metrics to model the customer lifecycle and determine when to re-engage each consumer, in order to drive maximum ROI.


The most successful ads were those served to key international segments and ads promoting the new luxury feature. These ads produced a 34% improvement in conversion rates and lowered cost per install (CPI) by 19%.

The campaign was successful because Ampush targeted hyper and broadly segmented audiences using Facebook’s mobile products and served ads on the most prominent location on Facebook. In addition to strategic segmentation and targeting, Ampush was vigilant about serving relevant ads with fresh creative and messaging with over 50,000 unique ad variations — a critical success factor on the mobile News Feed.