How Ampush Increases ROI With Twitter Event Targeting

How Ampush Increases ROI With Twitter Event Targeting

By Lucas Gottlieb • August 2, 2016

Ampush helps partners increase ROI from their DR and MAI performance campaigns by utilizing Twitter’s Event Targeting feature to tap into highly engaged audiences. Twitter users who are discussing and following a live event online are much more engaged with Twitter content than an average user and are more likely to complete an action such as a download or website conversion. These active and engaged Twitter users convert more efficiently than the average user, improving ROI for our partners’ campaigns. Read on for our top Twitter Event Targeting strategies spanning gaming, media, e-commerce, and travel verticals.


Top Performing Strategies

Psychographic Targeting:
Ampush Analysts use psychographic profiles of event audiences as a more direct targeting mechanism than typical proxy metrics. For example, an Ampush Analysts can infer a young, urban demographic is interested in music, but can be certain that audiences tweeting about the VMA are interested in music. Nearly every industry has a correlated event which can serve as an interest proxy.

Campaigns Tailored To Geos:
Ampush Analysts quickly find the events most relevant to our partners by using our Event Targeting tool. Analysts can sort holidays and events by popularity in a certain geography and by the type of event such as “movie premiere”, “album release” or “holiday”. Ampush’s Event Targeting tool provides us with additional insights into reach potential and demographic breakdowns for each event to help us identify the best event opportunities for our partners. Analysts are then able to seamlessly launch up to 100 events at once via our AMP platform, ideal for our partner brands with large-scale campaigns.

Customized Messaging By Demographic:
Ampush Analysts also drive improved performance by layering on gender and age targeting to create further customized audiences and tailored messaging (e.g. Subscribe to listen to Taylor Swift’s new Album vs Subscribe to play Taylor Swift’s new album for your daughter).

Including Event Imagery:
Creative is critical to Twitter Event Targeting strategy. Ampush’s In-House Creative Team helps our partners engage their audience with imagery that evokes the specific targeted event. Logos and event imagery create an impactful affiliation, and Ampush’s Creative Team works closely with our partner’s team of dedicated Media Analysts to secure usage rights well in advance of the event to facilitate custom imagery. Year-out planning helps make this strategy much more successful. Ampush Analysts also employ copy that evokes the event.

Custom CTA Elements:
Ampush’s In-House Designers enhance compelling imagery for MAI campaigns by adding in CTA end cards, thumbnails, or overlays, all customized by platform to drive more conversions. Twitter has 24 custom CTA options for Twitter Event ads but Ampush designers can create any kind of CTA. We have noticed that the more customized a CTA is to each audience, the better the ad performs.

Above & Beyond ROI:

Brands will see the greatest ROI when they are able to react to a trending event quickly. Trending events can also arise suddenly and outside of business hours. Ampush Analysts remain on call during an event campaign to ensure no opportunity for performance or scale is missed.

Flexible budgets are also a must for Twitter Event Targeting strategies to be successful- our Media Analysts monitor on-going events for opportunities as they present themselves and are able to max out those opportunities if they can allocate budget as needed.

Ampush Analysts typically run event campaigns up to 30 days after the event concludes to capture subsequent conversations, to remarket while brand recall is high, and to take advantage of continued high levels of engagement. Ampush Analysts advise our partners on the appropriate copy and imagery for the post-event periods of the campaign.

Check out our Twitter Event Targeting case study where we showcase how we drove app installs and subscriptions for a major newspaper using Twitter Event Targeting for political and news events.