How Best To Leverage Twitter Retargeting For Website Traffic

How Best To Leverage Twitter Retargeting For Website Traffic

By Alba Mertira • November 4, 2015

Retargeting based on website traffic increases the efficiency and success of Direct Response campaigns. Given that today’s consumers typically conduct online research before making a purchase decision, savvy businesses should include retargeting in their full funnel advertising plan. Retargeting campaigns are particularly valuable on platforms where a user’s identity is verified, as they are for Twitter’s 316 million users.

Twitter’s retargeting feature is ideal for Direct Response campaigns on desktop or mobile for lapsed customers. If your objective is to drive people back to your site, decrease shopping cart abandonment rates, or increase purchase value, then this capability is something you should leverage.

As Ampush’s in-house Twitter expert, I’m excited to share my  top recommendations to leverage the strengths of Twitter retargeting and how to use it in tandem with other Twitter tools. I’ll also explain which types of companies or campaigns will benefit most from using this performance-driven feature.


What Are The Strengths of Twitter Retargeting?

Twitter’s retargeting feature uses website tags (also known as pixels) provided by Twitter. Once the pixel is embedded, advertisers can capture website visitors’ browser cookie data and then use that data to create a Tailored Audience to target  on Twitter. Your ads can then be more specific and customized, as the target audience is already familiar with your brand and its offerings.

Retargeting website visitors allows you to control for the possible variables that prevented the prospect from purchasing during her previous visit, e.g. ads with discounts, free shipping offers, different color variants, or similar products could present the catalyst to the prospect completing their customer journey.

Retargeting Drives Results

Twitter’s retargeting feature is performance driven, especially for online retailers. A major e-commerce client of ours saw CPA numbers drop significantly when we used Twitter to retarget recent site visitors as part of a Mother’s Day campaign, and a large apparel company saw CPA decrease 63% when Ampush analysts utilized the feature.  


Retargeting Plays Well With Other Twitter Features

Although retargeting a website’s visitors via Twitter has proven useful and effective in tests, retargeting should not make up 100% of an advertiser’s Twitter budget. If you don’t include top-of-the-funnel strategies, you’ll have fewer people to retarget! Twitter can also drive excellent results for events or real-time marketing campaigns.  Retargeting site visitors should exist as one of several effective tools in an advertiser’s  arsenal.


Ampush Analysts’ Top Strategies for Twitter Retargeting

  1. Begin with prospecting (top of funnel) Direct Response ads on mobile, then re-target those users who engaged with your ad and website on their desktops (most purchases are still made on desktop).
  2. When structuring your other campaigns, place a pixel right before the end of the funnel (check out) to capture those most likely to be converted via retargeting. These will be your “low hanging fruit” leads.
  3. Refresh your creative often! This will allow you to serve your potential leads more ads without turning them off. A creative refresh can also improve the success of your campaign. Test and optimize for the images and text overlay combos that are most appealing and yield the highest conversions.
  4. Twitter retargeting campaigns can also help you succeed in preventing churn. Your campaigns can encourage new sign ups to return to complete their first purchase or take another significant action (make their first playlist or challenge their first opponent). Re-engaging new customers early on helps increase their LTV of a new customer by decreasing the chance that they’ll forget about the app after their initial download or sign up.



Alba Mertira has extensive Twiter marketing experience spanning many verticals and campaign types. Alba has worked at Ampush for three years, and currently lives in New York City. 

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