How We Used A Retail YouTube Trend to Drive Food Subscriptions On Facebook

How We Used A Retail YouTube Trend to Drive Food Subscriptions On Facebook

By Thomas Daffern • July 5, 2016

Creative strategy is one of the top levers available to brands advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This is especially the case for our food-centric partners. At Ampush, we emphasize innovation and thinking outside the box (wait for it…) to create ads that capture the viewer’s interest. Recently, we decided to test a popular trend from the retail industry for our subscription dinner box partner: unboxing

The Trend of Unboxing

The viral trend of unboxing videos involves an individual opening up a box to showcase the contents in greater detail. Such videos range from opening product packaging to “surprise” unboxing where the contents of a package are unknown. According to Google Search Trends, unboxing videos have seen steady growth for the last two years. A Google Consumer Survey found that one in five consumers reported watching an unboxing video and that 62% of those viewers do so when researching a particular product.


Driving Engagement & Showcasing the Product

One of our food subscription partners sells dinner ingredients in a box, and our team felt confident that showcasing a box’s actual packaged ingredients would be a great way to help target audiences learn more about the product. Food brand ads typically showcase highly stylized completed meals, but as consumers increasingly prioritize quality ingredients, my team saw an opportunity to convey that aspect of our partner’s product and an opportunity to have our ads stand out from the pack. In a slight twist on the unboxing video trend, we ran ads that showed our food partner packing up their boxes, item by item.


Outside/Inside the Box Success

The “boxing videos” were a success! Our partner’s target audience loved learning more about the individual ingredients going into each dinner box. The “boxing videos” saw 40% more volume than previous creative, 25% lower CPAs, and a 15% higher conversion rate.



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