Advanced Facebook Targeting: Website Custom Audiences 3.0

Advanced Facebook Targeting: Website Custom Audiences 3.0

By Lia Gallitano • May 6, 2016

Ampush recently integrated with Facebook’s new Website Custom Audiences (WCA 3.0) to help our partners target potential customers in new ways that are more granular and complex.  Adding WCA 3.0 to our audience targeting strategy helps brands better tailor their messages and delivers deeper insights into the customer journey.


New Targeting Variables

The older version of WCA was simplistic in assessing website behavior. It was merely “Did a user go to your website/url: yes or no?”.
Now we can differentiate between how many times they visited, how long were they there, how much they spent or how many items they added to their cart, what they did between a specific range of dates, and what device they were using.
This allows Ampush analysts to better understand where a potential user is in their customer journey so that we may more effectively nurture them with re-targeting ads. We can also deliver more relevant offers to address their specific interaction with the site, a useful performance lever to pull.


WCA 3.0 In Action

We recently tested audiences focusing on a few Time Spent variables  for a major media brand. The goal was to drive subscriptions, and we focused on the time a user spent viewing a subscription form before exiting the website or moving on to another page. We targeted audiences with different promotional ads based on numerous time-spent buckets per page. We targeted audiences with different promotional ads based on numerous time buckets. This approach can be optimized by A|B testing to determine the most effective offer to show each Time Spent group. We worked with our partner to determine what offer each audience was shown to maximize the order volume.

This website custom audiences tactic yielded a 3.7x increase in conversion rate for one group and 75% reduction in cost per subscription for another.


Above & Beyond WCA 3.0 Groups

Ampush analysts enable the new website custom audience targeting features to work overtime for our partners by layering other audience targeting strategies on top of WCA 3.0 groups. Here are a few examples to illustrate:

We combine Website Custom Audiences (WCA) 3.0’s new rules for exclusions and inclusions with already existing audience rules to get even more granular for our partners.

Ampush analysts also layer more traditional Facebook targeting to allow for additional messaging customization, including geographic, interest, and behavior variables.

Ampush analysts work with our partners to leverage their internal data on user flow and conversions to empower our targeting. For example, if the partner has already determined that typically 4 visits yield a conversion, we can tailor our ads to those who are on their 2nd or 3rd visit to nurture them further down the funnel, towards a 4th visit and conversion.

There are numerous other targeting combinations that can be leveraged, depending on the campaign objective and vertical of the brand. To chat with someone at Ampush about what targeting strategies might be the best for your brand, get in touch with us today!