Women in Engineering: Knock for opportunities

Women in Engineering: Knock for opportunities

By Kanchan, Jindal • November 4, 2014

We have overarching data to conclude that females are widely under-represented when it comes to our tech industry. As of 2014, women represent only 30% of those employed at seven of the top technology companies and the numbers drop even further when it comes to engineering departments.

Research also shows that women in the tech industry do not switch jobs as often as they should. Fear of a new workplace culture is a highly-cited factor for many women’s hesitancy to change jobs. A new company may have an unconscious bias, or glass ceiling that would keep them from moving up as quickly as they have. Because of this, women in the tech industry switch jobs less than their male counterparts, often missing out on opportunities and higher pay.

I personally resisted applying for new jobs even though I knew that a switch was long overdue. I finally applied to a number of engineering positions in the Bay Area, asked a lot of questions about the culture at Ampush, and convinced myself that it’d be the right fit.

It has now been eight months since I joined and my experience has been phenomenal. Ampush has a really open culture, where diverse opinions are valued. Even though we are a startup, there is always enough time for a healthy debate before making any strategic decisions. There is a lot of flexibility like uncapped vacation, flexible work hours, and so forth, so I can be at home when I need to, while continuing to drive projects forward and lead my team.

In summary, switching my job has had a really positive experience, far drawn from all the fears that I had. So, if you are a female engineer looking for a change I’d encourage you to look around, great opportunities might be just a knock away.