Every Voice Matters at Ampush

Every Voice Matters at Ampush

By Nick Shah, COO • October 3, 2016

Good ideas can come from anyone.

This has been on my mind since a recent Street Fight Magazine interview, where I discussed how Ampush’s culture of embracing ownership and entrepreneurship fostered our many reinventions.

Together these two elements can empower everyone at Ampush, from intern to CEO, to speak up about a new idea or point out opportunities. And this isn’t just a mantra we say during business reviews or employee training, we actually stand by it.

A prime example of this is how an intern, a small voice at almost any other company, changed the entire course of Ampush back in 2012. At the time, Ampush had been managing performance advertising campaigns across more traditional digital channels like search and display.

One day, the intern asked, “Why not Facebook?” Numerous strategizing sessions later, after a hefty amount of research paired with a healthy dose of bravery, we pivoted the business with a focus on second generation mobile platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Compelling pitches and strategy plans require only intuition and insight, not years of experience or a prestigious title. Whether someone is three weeks into their new job or they’ve been working here for four years, there’s a culture of respect for and belief in other people. At Ampush, all voices are heard and valued. This meritocratic style has helped us leverage our entire collective talent and has been instrumental to our continued growth and success.

Another huge part of Ampush’s identity that goes hand-in-hand with our respect for all voices is our stance that all employees should all feel like owners of the company. When you consider the company your own, the scope of ideas and areas for innovation only get wider. If you dream it, and back it up, we’ll support you. This philosophy spans engineers dreaming up new tools, our Creative Team designers really letting their creativity run wild, to everyday business operations ideas.

Fast forward to 2014: a still somewhat new employee suggested that our talent strategy would be boosted by adding an East Coast presence. Now, a significant portion of our business is run out of our New York City office. And that employee who suggested the idea? He’s a now leader in the New York office and someone who continues to push Ampush to new heights.

We remind our entire team regularly that we’re first time entrepreneurs, and because of that we’ve never told ourselves that we have all the answers. We approach every problem by determining the outcome we want to achieve, and then constructing a thoughtful analysis of how we think we can get there, before making decisions. And as we face each new problem, we make ourselves accessible to anyone looking who has a good idea to bounce off of us.

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