Beauty E-Comm

Scaling Customer Acquisition with Facebook Videos

Their Story:

Our partner is a beauty brand who's products are free of gluten and
harsh chemicals typically found in traditional commercial products.


Our partner wished to significantly increase customer acquisitions for a
particular root touch-up coloring product at an efficient cost.


• Ampush's Creative Team believed video ads would drive more engagement as the
video format would better showcase the product. Improved engagement
rates would also improve efficiency of ad spending. Ampush tested two
different length videos against static ads.

• Ampush Analysts employed engaging copy and strategic audience targeting
to increase click-through-rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR). Copy was
updated to clearly convey the value add and points of differentiation for our
partner's product, such as the organic ingredients or comparing the quality
to other popular brands. A key audience targeting strategy was ensuring
seed audiences were mutually exclusive.

• Ampush analysts used the AMP platform to simultaneously run 9
campaigns for 3 different products. a large number of campaigns at once
while monitoring costs and optimizing performance every hour via
automatic algorithms on the AMP platform and via analyst analysis of
market trends and opportunities such as relevant pop culture events.


• Video ad units drove significant interest and engagement for our partner, and improved return on ad spend by over 45%.

• Ampush decreased the costs of acquiring a customer (CPA) by 28%.

• Analysts were able to dramatically scale the campaign and increase spend by nearly 4x thanks to the efficiency afforded by Facebook Video ads.

• Ampush improved CTR for our partner's posts by 60%.

• Ampush improved conversion rates by over 45%.

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