Casual Mobile Gaming

A top mobile game successfully expanded its audience and decreased costs on Instagram

Their Story:

The casual mobile gaming customer is a pioneer in both mobile gaming and mobile marketing. Users play free games to win prizes. This customer and its users drive mobile transactions, engagement, m-commerce, and lead generation for advertisers.


The customer's primary goal was to drive additional app installs at a low cost. The company was also interested in learning more about what types of images and copy would succeed on Instagram, and if they could connect to younger audiences.


• Ampush’s analysts advised the casual mobile gaming customer on effective platform launch strategy.
• Ampush tested several different image/copy strategies and recommended the best combination to successfully scale the customer's Instagram efforts.
• Ampush analysts used feedback from the AMP platform to optimize the campaign for increased performance.


• Ampush successfully engaged the customer’s ideal audience, 18-24 year-olds, helping them expand beyond their standard user base of 25-44 year olds.
• The campaign's Instagram conversion rate is 171% higher than benchmark conversion rates for other top mobile gaming campaigns at Ampush.
• Analysts achieved an increase in CTR over the company’s benchmarks.
• The CPC was decreased by 57% due to improved audience targeting and optimized creative.
• Ampush analysts decreased CPM by 33% over the company’s previous campaign benchmarks for a more efficient return on advertising spend.

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