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Increasing Online Sales While Driving Down Costs

Their Story:

A leading eCommerce retailer partnered with Ampush to grow their customer base efficiently with Promoted Tweets on Twitter.


This fast-growing, subscription-based e-commerce company had already seen
success using in-feed ads to grow its customer base and wanted to expand the
reach of its campaigns to Twitter’s 300 million+ unique users. The company aimed
to reach a large, highly targeted audience of interested buyers and direct them
to subscribe on its mobile site. Budget efficiency was a top concern, because it was
imperative that cost per new customer not surpass a set threshold.


• Ampush analysts used Twitter’s "Target Bid" pricing option to outperform 'maximum bid' pricing by 15%. This tactic also captured highly relevant users normally outside a stated bid range.
• To reach audiences that would make good customers, Ampush used the customer’s CRM data to target audiences using Twitter’s tailored audiences capability.
• Ampush analysts used the AMP Bulk Ad Creator to quickly create and test hundreds of promoted tweets and website/app card variations to identify top performing
• Using AMP, analysts simultaneously managed hundreds of live campaigns for the customer, 24 hours a day based on real-time data
• Ampush used AMP’s Affinity Analysis tools to find the most relevant keywords, interests, behaviors, and events to enhance follower targeting tactics.


A strategic audience combined with creative pairing, and use of CPX bidding,
helped the retailer achieve a 3X return on ad spend for the campaign. The company cut its cost per acquisition in half by optimizing for conversions, while
increasing subscriptions.

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