Financial Services

Acquiring Users via a Customized Audience and Creative Strategy

Their Story:

Our partner is a financial service that allows customers to send money, pay bills, and reload phones in 52 countries around the globe. Its app supports iOS and Android users.


Our partner’s Facebook user acquisition efforts had plateaued and their in-house team needed help unlocking performance opportunities. They partnered with Ampush to leverage our ROAS-centric approach to user acquisition, our in-house creative team, our financial service industry expertise, and our Facebook advertising prowess. Our partner wanted to increase the number of users they were acquiring and reduce the cost per acquiring each user- without sacrificing on user quality.

Ampush’s Approach:

• In-House Creative. Fresh, engaging imagery is critical for Facebook campaign performance, and our partner’s in-house team was not sure how to improve their current creative strategy. Ampush’s in-house Creative Team works with the partner to create on brand imagery that more clearly conveys their value proposition and is tailored to the countries and audiences viewing the ad. Ampush Analysts and designers introduced a new graphic-style creative approach, which
outperformed our partner’s old imagery consisting of stills from video ads. Ampush’s Creative Team works closely with analysts to produce ad iterations based on variables tied to performance (i.e. localized country imagery outperforms a more general globe image, so additional designs were created featuring individual country creative).

• Re-engagement Strategy. Ampush focuses on down-funnel churn of people who had installed one of our partner’s apps but never signed up for the service. Ampush applies a re-engagement strategy and campaigns tailored to this audience. On average, this strategy yields CPSignups 26%lower than non-reengagement audiences.

• Finding New Audiences. With the total conversion funnel tracked, Ampush helps our partner findnew, relevant audiences. Ampush Analysts implement custom mobile Lookalike Audiences onFacebook to expand the partner’s reach using updated customer data (new customers and LTV).Ampush continues to learn more about our partner’s target audience and continually analyzes data from the latest converted leads. Ampush’s deep understanding of our partner’s financial service product and users helps Analysts craft ad creative and audience strategies that increase conversion rate (CR).

• A Fresh Approach. Ampush suggested and ran Carousel Ads that combined audiences with ties to different countries into one targeted group. The numerous screens of the Carousel unit were leveraged to make the ad still feel customized to each audience by featuring each country.Combining audiences proved to increase efficiency and lowered the CPSignup. The success of this strategy allowed Ampush to scale the overall campaign.

• Ad Product Testing. Ampush Analysts always test the latest Facebook ad formats to potentially drive higher install (MAI) rates. Static ads created by the partner’s in-house team had worked well, but implementation of Carousel Ads (with creative supplied by Ampush) improved CPSignup. The multiple screens afforded by Carousel Ads helped convey our partner’s unique value prop.

• Quality Control. Ampush makes sure all ads featuring financial oriented imagery and copy meet not only the branding standards of our partner, but also the advertising guidelines of Facebook and the financial advertiser regulations of the FTC. Ampush has extensive experience with major financial service clients and is well versed in adhering to platform and legal requirements.


Download the case study for performance details!

• Our managed approach allowed our partner to scale their campaign while remaining ROAS positive.

• Carousel Ads and Ampush creative improved CPSignup

• Ampush's new audience targeting strategy decreased the CPSignup and allowed for significant campaign scale.

• Ampush Analysts increased the average CR of our partner's ads by a significant margin.

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