How Framebridge Connected to New Loyal Customers on Instagram

Their Story:

Framebridge is a custom framing service that not only offers prices 50 to 70 percent lower than traditional retail frame shops, but also gives consumers the convenience of going through the entire process on their iPhones or PCs. Framebridge frames non-digital items, like diplomas or paintings, as well as digital items such as
Instagram photos.


As a relatively new start-up, Framebridge wanted to attract loyal customers. Framebridge hoped to drive offline conversions and find customers with high lifetime value. Framebridge also wanted to create high performing ads tailored to Instagram’s audiences and platform.

The Ampush Approach:

• Audience targeting and ad creatives were tailored to two unique user journeys based on whether or not an Instagram user had previously visited the Framebridge website. Each user journey was then further divided into a total of four audience types depending on how recently they had last seen Framebridge’s ads or website.

• Ampush analysts successfully mapped the funnel path and conversions of both user journeys. This simultaneous, two-pronged audience strategy allowed Ampush to create an efficient sales funnel for Framebridge that, at a low cost, would ultimately bring all users full circle from brand awareness to successful customer conversion.

• Ampush leveraged the AMP platform to identify new, ideal customers for Framebridge based on multi-variable audience profiling and targeting capabilities.

• Ampush analysts monitored, analyzed, and optimized the Instagram ads based on real-time performance data throughout the campaign.

• Ampush’s in-house creative team designed stunning visuals, optimized for the Instagram platform and Framebridge’s audiences.

• Ampush’s detailed reporting made it easy for Ampush and Framebridge to understand the quality of newly acquired users. They then worked together to develop priorities for customer acquisition.


• Framebridge’s Instagram campaign saw an impressive 45.5% increase in click-through rate over the company’s benchmark advertising performance.
• Ampush decreased the cost of acquiring a new customer by 70.5%.
• The click through rate for Instagram advertisements, designed by Ampush’s world class in-house creative team, was an impressive .96% - well above industry standards.

Customer Says

"Instagram provides an exciting opportunity to connect with a highly engaged digital audience committed to sharing their favorite life moments. Framebridge offers a custom framed Instagram product for people who want to bring their favorite Instagram photos into the physical world. We chose Ampush to help us advertise on the platform because of their strategic expertise, which helped us scale our marketing to a broad, relevant audience, and their creative services, which helped us drive customer conversions and utilize new ad products."

Matt Carrington, VP Marketing at Framebridge

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