Hothead Games

How Hothead Games increased app installs for a lower cost using Facebook video ads.

Their Story:

Founded in 2006, Vancouver-based Hothead Games is an
award-winning mobile games publisher with titles spanning a range of genres. With cumulative downloads in excess of 100 million, Hothead Games wanted to drive installs of its shooter title, Kill Shot.


Hothead Games wanted to drive app installs for Kill Shot at an efficient cost. The publisher also was curious if Facebook video ads could drive installs at a lower cost than static Facebook ads.


• To ensure the best ad performance possible, Ampush analysts targeted video ads to lookalike audiences based off the most engaged users of the Kill Shot mobile game app.
• Ampush and Hothead Games employed innovative video styling for the Kill Shot campaign. Full action sequences were shown to help users get a feel for the gameplay.
• Ampush’s in-house creative team crafted the exciting video sequences from actual Kill Shot gameplay and further enhanced the videos with strong call-to-action end screens. Ampush’s designers also used strategic zoom-ins and 3D elements.
• Ampush’s creative team optimized the videos for maximum in-stream appeal, ideal viewing length, and to give emphasis to the ad unit’s CTA.
• Ampush analysts conducted A/B testing to isolate the best combinations of video, static, and dynamic imagery, to maximize spend efficiency.


The exciting video ad format and accurate audience targeting lead to a 25% reduction in CPI, compared to campaigns featuring static imagery.

The videos conveying gameplay images were successful in driving interest in the game, with video placements seeing a 31% increase in conversion over static placements.

Not surprisingly, 95% of overall campaign installs came from video placements.

Given the success of the video placements, Hothead wanted to scale fast. Ampush was able to increase volume by 2.7x in just 4 weeks.

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