TV Drama

How a new TV drama achieved a 97% video completion rate on Instagram

Their Story:

The partner was a major television network with a new, American drama
that first aired in June 2015. The network has pursued innovative, digitally
focused promotional efforts for its new program since it first debuted.


The network partnered with Ampush to drive awareness for its new show on Instagram. The network knew the show already had a predominantly male audience, so the main goal was to engage female viewers on Instagram. The network also wished to generate overall buzz for the series and to efficiently capture quality video views from both males and females.

Ampush Approach

•The powerful AMP platform helped Ampush analysts connect the right video content to the right audiences, driving awareness, engagement, and viewership for the new show at a low cost.

•To increase engagement, Ampush analysts honed in on audiences of related segments, including gaming, technology, and similar TV shows.

•Analysts monitored performance in real-time to identify the most effective advertisements, especially for females, and allocate budget accordingly.

•As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, Ampush provided the network early access to Instagram advertising opportunities.


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