Insurance Brand

Driving more conversions via custom CTA

Their Story

Our partner is an insurance provider serving over 10 million households with home, life, vehicle, and general liability insurance.


Ampush sought to improve our partner's lead generation efforts by increasing the conversion rates of ads and lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

Ampush Approach:

• Custom CTA: Until recently, call-to-action (CTA) buttons for Link Post ads lacked specificity for lead gen campaigns. Ampush Analysts felt that the“Learn More” button did not indicate a clear next step and was not particularly compelling for insurance quote lead capture based on benchmark click-through rates and conversion rates established for ads with that CTA.
Analysts employed the new “Get Quote” CTAs on select campaigns and administered a lift test to gauge performance. The new CTA proved to yield higher engagement rates and a greater number of conversions that the previous CTA.

• Shift to Mobile: Facebook’s mobile active users increased 21% from 2015-2016, faster than the overall growth of the platform. Despite our partner previously seeing higher conversion rates from desktop ads than mobile, Ampush noted that the audience inventory for newsfeed mobile is rapidly expanding and therefore likely a viable placement for our partner's campaigns.
Ampush allocated more spend on mobile placements which yielded
improved volume as well as lower CPMs and cost-per-quotes (CPQ) than desktop placements.

• Improved Conversion Window: For high-value, high-consideration products such as insurance, the conversion process is much longer than for mobile games or low price e-commerce purchases. Our partner also prioritizes high-value leads, ones who are likely to convert from quote to purchase, and new customers who will maintain a policy for the long-term. Ampush Analysts employed a longer, 7 day conversion window for our partner's campaigns. Within the first week, the pool of converted leads grew and CPQs decreased. Improved efficiency enabled analysts to scale the campaign to new audiences.

• New Ad Product Adoption: Ampush helped our partner launch their first Canvas ad. The new ad format captured audience attention and resulted in longer viewing time and decreased costs.


For details, download our Insurance Performance Advertising case study.

• The “Get Quote” call-to-action button drove higher CRs and 21% lower cost-per-quote than“Learn More” at constant volume

• Over 2016, Facebook Newsfeed Mobile (NFB) grew to account for a greater percent of total quote volume. NFM yielded lower CPMs and lower CPQs than desktop placements.

• The longer, 7 day conversion window (oCPM 7 day) reduced CPQs and has consistently driven greater volume than the previous, 1 day conversion window.

• Our partner's Canvas ad ranked 3rd highest for dwell time and drove clicks at a third of the cost compared to video. Canvas ads yielded a lower cost per website click (CPWC).

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