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Driving article engagement on Instagram & Facebook

Their Story:

The partner is a newspaper publisher that produces one of the world's most popular and respected publications. The partner wanted to focus on the future with its mobile-friendly news app, which offers an immersive digital news experience with fullscreen videos and interactive graphics.


The partner wanted to experiment with promoting articles on mobile platforms. The campaign goals were to drive traffic to stories and to increase app installs.


• Ampush’s deep well of knowledge of mobile platform user behavior helped direct the creative and audience targeting strategies.

• Analysts employed detailed audience targeting across Facebook and Instagram involving two user journeys and seven unique audience segments.

• Ampush tailored advertisements to encourage existing subscribers to increase their consumption of the newspaper’s content, while advertisements for non-subscribers focused on driving app installs.

• Ampush also strategically employed retargeting techniques on both platforms for website visitors to drive both app installs and individual article traffic.


• By combining the powers of Instagram and Facebook, Ampush reduced CPIs by 27.5%.

• With advanced audience targeting focusing on two unique user journeys and seven distinct audience segments, Ampush was able to improve efficiency, reducing the cost per click on Instagram by 69%.

• Ampush drove traffic to the newspaper’s individual articles from Instagram posts at an impressive click-through rate of 1.8%.

• Posts on Instagram and Facebook saw a 4.6% engagement rate.

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