News Brand

Using Twitter Event Targeting To Drive App Installs & Subscriptions

Their Story:

The partner is a world-renowned news outlet, with prominent coverage of current events and politics. Their newspaper has large digital reach and is focused on increasing readership and subscriptions via their apps.


The partner wanted to connect the news-hungry community on Twitter to its signature topics: politics and world affairs. Their campaign used app downloads and direct response ads to drive newspaper subscriptions.


Twitter Event Targeting Strategy

• Twitter offers unique opportunities for users to engage with trending news topics. According to the Pew Research Center, 63% of Twitter users report using the platform to get news updates. Of those users who get their news from Twitter, 59% use the platform to follow the story as it develops. Ampush analysts leveraged Event Targeting on Twitter to reach users who demonstrated interest in our partner’s core issues - politics, current events, and
international affairs.

• Analysts target major political events and other highly syndicated happenings with significant pre- and post-event discussion: the series of Democratic and Republican debates, Super Tuesday, and the Tech Crunch awards were among the strongest in terms of audience size and reach.

• Our partner’s ideal readers are interested in news and current events. Twitter Event Targeting allows Ampush Media Analysts to tap directly into active engagement surrounding live events, identifying users who fit this profile and will become long-term readers for our partner. Thanks to demonstrated intent of event audiences, Twitter Event Targeting install campaigns see increased cost efficiencies.

• Major events generate discussion on Twitter, which expands impression inventory. Leading up to, and including the event itself, we optimize day by day to keep pace with changing inventory prices. Increased discussion expands the number of people captured in an Event Targeting group, opening opportunities for scale. Ampush analysts launch creative in waves to take advantage of rising CTRs, and adjust bids as CPMs fall to ensure that our partner’s campaign takes full advantage of event discussion without sacrificing cost-efficiency.


• Ampush’s Twitter Event Targeting campaign to drive installs achieved a CPI 56.47% lower than our partner’s goal, and 20% below the average for all Twitter MAI campaigns.

• The average CPM for Twitter Event Targeting campaigns was 39% lower than average CPMs for our partner’s MAI initiative.

• Twitter Event Targeting for promotional price Tweets to drive subscriptions had a CTRs 32.4% higher than account average and 32.4% lower cost per order (CPO).

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