Travel Brand

Driving Engagement with New Product Adoption and Platform Expansion

Their Story:

Our travel partner operates 9 hotel brands nationally and internationally. Their brand family includes two of the largest hotel chains in the world, which combine to host over 100 million guests each year. Our travel partner also owns boutique style and extended stay, apartment-style hotels.


Our partner and their agency wanted to work with Ampush to drive higher brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram in the form of brand recall and brand consideration. Our travel brand partner also wanted to continue promoting their successful branding campaign, featuring a popular celebrity.

The Ampush Approach:

• Ahead of the release of Canvas and 360 Video ads, Ampush worked with our partner to make sure they were prepared to launch as an early adopter to maximize the benefits of the new products.

• Ampush helped our partner launch and test compelling Canvas Ads by ensuring numerous mediums were utilized: text, still imagery, and video. The goal was to increase the levels of engagement and click-through rate over static ads.

• Moving into 1H 2016, Ampush helped our partner grow its brands’ presence on Instagram. Ampush Analysts leveraged their experience with other travel brands and general Instagram expertise to help our partner tap into the highly engaged travel community on Instagram, and to stand out from the pack within the feed.

• After 2 years of working together, our travel brand partner added two new hotel brands to the campaigns managed by Ampush: a boutique and an extended stay hotel brand.


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• Adopting new 360 Video Ads drove an increase in ER and a decrease in CPM

• Canvas Ads also drove ER improvements.

• Ampush scaled the Instagram and Mixed Placement campaigns for one of our partner's top travel brands.

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