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Scaling User Acquisition via Custom Tech Tools

Their Story:

Our gaming partner is a West Coast-based casual gaming company. Its games have been downloaded more than 800 million times and are regularly played each month by nearly 50 million people, half of whom live outside the United States. Its hit game won Facebook’s “Game of the Year” award.


The media team wanted to scale our partner’s user acquisition efforts across numerous titles by finding additional volume at the
top of the funnel. To ramp up their campaign our partner needed to expand their audience targeting beyond the size afforded by Lookalikes of CRM lists. Our partner wanted to market to new audiences, but in an efficient and strategic manner. Maintain or lowering CPIs while improving ROAS for each of their gaming titles was a top priority.

Ampush’s Approach:

• To find additional volume beyond Lookalike audience targeting, Ampush Analysts utilize the Ampush Audience Affinity Tool to employ a data-backed Likes & Interest targeting strategy.

• Using the Ampush tool, Analysts identify which Facebook interests are most common amongst converted, high value users for each gaming title. This allows Analysts to focus their Likes and Interest targeting on categories that will draw in more high-value users.

• Ampush Analysts focus their research on the interests of high-value users by uploading lists of the top 20% of spenders.

• Ampush Analysts then further refine their prospecting approach by utilizing Ampush’s Keyword Cluster Tool to determine which of the newly created Likes & Interests drive the most value. Under-performing likes and interests are eliminating so budget can be focused on the categories driving the greatest ROI.
[See Download for Graph]


• The audiences created through the Audience Affinity Tool increased campaign ROAS by 10%

• The Audience Affinity Tool helped increase the scale of our partner’s campaign by 25%

•Prospected Audiences generated via the tool were 40-50% larger than Lookalike audiences.

•The Keyword Cluster Tool helped Ampush Analysts improve efficiency and reduce CPIs by 15%

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