A Daily Celebrity Crossword Dramatically Scaled App Downloads on Twitter

Their Story

PuzzleSocial is a mobile gaming company that produces the world’s most-solved and top grossing digital crossword puzzle, Daily Celebrity Crossword. Their app can be played on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle devices as well as on Facebook and many other web properties


The customer’s goal was to increase scale while tightly controlling costs in order to hit specific ROI targets.


Ampush's AMP platform allows analysts to run numerous large-scale campaigns while maintaining tight control over each granular audience subset.
• Ampush analysts used the AMP for Twitter tool for bulk optimization of bids based on performance data.
• Ampush analysts used AMP’s real-time keyword tool to target users based on their searches or recent tweets.
• Ampush’s in-house creative team crafted custom imagery tailored to correspond with new keywords.
• Analysts used AMP to frequently pull fresh batches of keywords throughout the campaign based on current events and holidays. Ampush’s in-house creative team quickly created


• Ampush scaled the customer’s spending by over 450%, all while increasing ROI.
• By matching custom imagery to specific keywords, Ampush analysts achieved a 5x increase in volume for Daily Celebrity Crossword.
• Audience targeting efforts lead to a 23% increase of user quality, based on unique app opens per install.
• Ampush strategy and in-house creative increased ROI by 12%.

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