Social Polling App

How one app drove installs amongst international audiences

Their Story

The company is a social polling app that allows users to compare anything and everything and vote for their preferences. With the exception of advertisers, who pay to place their polls natively in the app, the polls are entirely created by the app’s community, which is comprised primarily of teenage girls.


The partner wanted to drive mobile app installs on Instagram at a cost below its campaign benchmark. The client also wanted to expand its distribution by driving downloads in the UK and Australia.

The Ampush Approach:

• Ampush Media Analysts spent time translating the partner's ad creative, originally designed for Facebook newsfeed viewing, for Instagram's feed.

• Analysts noted that the partner's “this or that?” app voting functionality naturally resonated with Instagram users, who often double tap (Like, or engage) on images they see in their feed.

• Analysts aimed to drive users into the conversion funnel at previously unachievable CPC prices in order to drive down the overall install price.


• Due to the strong visual similarities between the partner's app and the partner's Instagram posts, as well as the engagement-friendly style of the posts, Ampush was able to drive engagement in the UK and Australia at a significantly lower cost compared to the partner's campaign benchmark (see the graph in the case study for more details).

• Customized imagery tailored to the Instagram environment, designed by Ampush's in-house Creative Team, and advanced audience targeting by Ampush Analysts led to a 226% increase in engagement.

• Due to a much lower than expected cost per click, Ampush was able to expand the campaign to an even wider audiences and still achieve a CPI below the client’s goal.

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