Strategy Mobile Game

How one brand boosted mobile gaming conversions by 25% on Instagram and Facebook

Their Story:

The client’s mobile strategy game was one of the top-grossing apps in 2014. The company is known for innovative promotional tactics and a millennial-centric gaming audience.


The client wanted to attract users with high LTV, but at the most efficient cost possible. The client also wanted to leverage Ampush’s in-house creative team to craft unique imagery,
optimized for performance on both Facebook and Instagram.


• Ampush analysts created several audience groups on Facebook and Instagram using behavior targeting and precise interest based audience targeting to hone in on the most ideal audience, those who were most similar to the client’s best customers (those with high LTV). Analysts used the customers CRM data to inform their campaigns.

• Ampush’s in-house creative team optimized campaign imagery for each platform and audience group for improved performance.

• Ad inventory for Facebook and Instagram placements was optimized in real time, based on audience response. This allowed analysts to focus the budget on top performing placements, which dramatically reduced the cost of customer acquisition.


• Using highly granular audience segmenting, Ampush analysts delivered the right ad to the right audience and boosted overall conversion rates during the campaign by 25%.

• By utilizing AMP platform data and real-time ad inventory optimization, Ampush analysts reduced the Instagram CPA of gaming users by 52%.

• The Ampush creative team’s graphics and copy, built on behalf of the client, strongly resonated with viewers and resulted in an 112.7% percent increase of CTR over the customer’s previous advertising benchmark.

• In just the first week, the campaign was 40% below the CPI goal for Instagram app installs, and Facebook conversion rates were increased by 120%.

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