Subscription Food Products

Engaging the Foodie Community on Instagram with Videos

Their Story:

Our food product partner delivers carefully sourced and nutritionist approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome, non-artificial ingredients . Customers can select subscriptions of specific snacks or opt for a curated experience. Our partner serves the US and Canada.


Our partner wanted to tap into the vibrant food content community on Instagram and connect with health-conscious
customers to drive subscriptions from high value customers. They wanted to attract more high-LTV customers (those that
stick with the subscription service for longer periods of time) at lower costs than other channels.

The Ampush Approach:

• Ampush’s in-house Creative Team supports our partner by suggesting creative strategy and designing ad imagery for the brand. This allows for rapid data-driven creative iterations and frequent creative refreshes.

• Instagram is dominated by still images, which makes video placements eye-catching and distinctive. Ampush noted that video posts particularly standout within the specific Instagram category of food content. Ampush Analysts advised our partner to focus on video as those ads outperformed all other other ad types during testing.

• Ampush's Creative Team optimized video assets for the Instagram feed by adding in call to actions (CTAs). The Creative Team also produced a custom Cinemagraph for the food product brand.

•Ampush Analysts have identified that food imagery with graphic, illustrated backgrounds also yields strong conversion rates (CR). This creative strategy was brainstormed by Ampush’s Creative Team using performance data from previous ads and their research of current trending image styles on Instagram for food content. Ampush has determined that stylized imagery stands out from typical food posts, photographs with natural background settings.

•Ampush Analysts drove increased engagement and conversions for our partner by tailoring Instagram creative strategy to two distinct groups: prospecting audiences (look-a-likes to NatureBox customers) and retargeted audiences (website visitors from the last 14 days).
>> Prospecting Strategy: Creative emphasizes the subscription nature of our partner’s offering, as well as the ordering process, to clearly convey what the product is and the value prop. The offer text overlay promotes two free snacks.
>> Retargeting Strategy: Creative emphasizes the variety of food items available. Retargeted audiences prefer $10 off text overlays, rather than a free snack offer.

•Ampush Analysts conduct creative testing to determine which combinations of product shots, call to actions (CTAs), and promo offers continue to perform best with target audiences. Using the AMP platform, Analysts are able to reach creative testing conclusions in just three days. Recent findings include audience preference for slideshows focused on food images (snacks) over slideshows that combined images of packed boxes, individual snacks, and lifestyle images. The slideshows with the consistent food theme had 2x higher conversion rates.


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•Ads created by Ampush’s in-house Creative Team have a higher click through rate (CTR) and a higher conversion rate (CR) than static images.

•Ampush’s suggested strategy of Video Ads yield a higher CR than static placements. Our partner's Instagram Video Ads typically have a CR over higher than their Facebook Video Ads, demonstrating that the same video units stand out more within the Instagram feed than on Facebook, which has seen an increase in video content as of late.

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