E-Comm Subscription Service

Increasing ROAS via Creative and Audience Targeting Strategies

Their Story:

Our partner is an online grocer for residences and offices and has one of the highest market shares in the online grocery industry. Our partner serves several major NE cities.


Our partner wanted to scale their overall subscription service user acquisition efforts and focus on acquiring more high value customers.


• To unlock improved efficiency Ampush Analysts manage a full funnel audience targeting strategy, first capturing prospecting leads and then retargeting them to convert. Analysts retarget prospected leads, website visitors, from all of our partner’s acquisition channels on Facebook. Ampush Analysts also identified and implemented a new audience targeting group: users who added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase.

• Ampush Analysts work closely with our partner to complement their traditional campaigns, such as subway advertisements. Doing so has improved Facebook performance and our partner’s overall return-on-ad spend (ROAs).

• To improve zip-code location targeting, our partner’s dedicated team of Ampush Analysts developed “tiers” of locations that combined several zip codes based on audience potential, performance, and quality. These tiers not only helped analysts prioritize spending for improved ROAS, but also allowed analysts to better tailor messaging, creative, and offers to each group.

• Ampush helped our partner successfully expand into a new urban city: Philadelphia. Ampush Analysts were able to apply many of their learnings about audience strategy from our partner’s core market to hit the ground running. Such learnings include targeting tiers of neighborhoods with similar user quality (LTV) instead of basic zip code targeting.

•Ampush’s success with our partner’s primary subscription service brand led to an expansion of the partnership, to include our partner’s secondary brand.•Ampush’s In-House Creative Team worked with analysts to successfully launch our partner on Instagram and advise on creative strategy.


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•Since partnering, Ampush Analysts have improved the CR of retargeted audiences and reduced CPA via full funnel tactics.

•The Abandoned Carts audience, implemented by Ampush, yields a higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and lower CPA than average.

•Running complementary campaigns in conjunction with offline efforts improved ROAS.

•Shifting our partner from zip-code location targeting to Ampush’s tiering system improved CPA and CR.

•Ampush’s In-House Creative Team worked with Ampush Analysts to develop a performance-centric creative strategy. Ampush identified the creative strategies and focuses with higher CR and CTR.

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