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Capturing More Users via Instagram

Their Story

Our partner is a company that provides business services that facilitate digital exchanges of contracts and signed documents. Our partner supports mobile business services as well


Our partner's free trial initiative was new to social and they wanted to see how acquisition costs compared to other channels. Ampush’s goal was to acquire as many free trial sign ups as they could at comparable acquisition costs. Given our partner's clever and witty style, Ampush believed Instagram would be a great match.

The Ampush Approach

• Creative Strategy: Ampush Analysts advised our partner to incorporate video into their marketing mix due to the positive performance of video ads for other tech service partners in terms of higher engagement rates and conversion rates. Ampush has also noted that video units tend to see higher engagement levels on Instagram than static images. Analysts also noted that video ads are typically a great fit for products with many value adds- it’s the best medium to convey the more complex message. Ampush’s In-House Creative Team helped reformat and edit our partner's existing photos and videos for maximum Instagram appeal.

• Platform Expansion: Ampush helped our partner launch their Instagram presence and utilize Placement Optimization (Facebook and Instagram placements). Analysts suggested Placement Optimization to increase the audience size for ads and to improve each ad’s return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Ampush also advised our partner on overall audience targeting on Instagram.

• Full Service Creative Team: To facilitate an increased number of campaigns targeting new, unique segments each with their own creative and copy, Ampush’s In-house Creative Team designs ad imagery for our partner. Not only are Ampush designers experts in creative performance on Instagram, but by owning the creative process, Ampush designers are able to identify the top performing creative elements for numerous audience and then quickly create additional iterations, as well as execute rapid standard creative refreshes.


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• Video Ad adoption lead to significant performance improvements for our partner. Video ads saw higher CR and lower CPA.

• Ampush successfully launched our partner on Instagram.

• Ads designed by Ampush's Creative Team made up a majority of the volume and had lower CPAs than ads designed by our partner's in-house team. Ampush's designed ads also had higher CTR and CR.

• Regional-specific creative and audience targeting tactics yielded CPAs 19% lower than benchmarks.

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