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How A Top Media Brand Increased App Downloads On Twitter By 260%

Their Story:

The partner is a respected global newspaper with millions of readers. The partner was one of the first major newspaper brands to migrate its Pulitzer Prize-winning news coverage to digital, and now the media brand is embracing the latest media frontier with its apps.


The partner wanted to drive mobile app installs amongst likely subscribers on iOS and Android devices.


• Ampush analysts use Twitter App Cards showcasing the media brand's app to increase downloads. Analysts run a mix of Image App Cards and Video App Cards.

• Analysts use the partner's subscriber data to develop audience segmentation strategies and to identify target markets. Ampush utilizes over 30 unique audience segments for the media brand's app install campaign on Twitter.

• Iterative targeting using AMP's targeting, trends, and affinity tools inform analysts of top-performing audience segments across all campaigns. From this Ampush analysts derive new segments for targeting.

• Audiences were targeted based on their affiliation with political, industry, news, and affluent lifestyle Twitter handles. Audiences who followed or engaged with media brands similar to the partner were given particular emphasis.

• Ampush’s app install Twitter campaign for our partner feeds directly into their subscriber campaign and has led to a CPO 37% below the target goal.


• Ampush strategies led to a 260% increase in installs per month.

• Ampush’s campaign has driven 20,000 app installs for 2H15.

• The AMP for Twitter Platform allowed analysts to go above and beyond with granular targeting based on audience affinity.

• Ampush’s app install Twitter campaign for the customer feeds directly into their newspaper subscriber campaign and has led to a CPO (cost per order) 37% below the target goal

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