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How a transportation network app rapidly scaled driver signups on Facebook

Their Story

In just six years, the ridesharing customer has grown from its roots in Silicon Valley to serving riders in over 300 cities across 58 countries. To fuel such disruptive growth, it must attract and retain hundreds of thousands of drivers from Akron, Ohio to Yuma, Arizona; Azerbaijan to Zurich.


In 2013, the customer selected Ampush to begin Facebook advertising campaigns to recruit drivers. That’s because managing and scaling Facebook campaigns in-house beyond the 10 cities being served at the time is very difficult.
Achieving dramatic scale while tightly controlling costs was also a primary goal of the customer.

The Ampush Advantage:

Ampush offers three unique advantages critical for the customer’s rapid growth:
• A deep bench of quantitatively-minded analysts armed with a fully fleshed out go-to-market strategy that adapts to the unique driver subcultures of each region and who know how to tailor the right messages and calls-to-action to exactly the right audience.

• A creative team that can create a large number of engaging image variants and adjust them rapidly based on real-time audience feedback.

• The AMP marketing software, which provides the customer with full-funnel capability, from ad creation to capturing and measuring the first ride delivered by a new driver.


The detailed reporting of the AMP platform enables Ampush to quickly identify the highest-value ads and audiences.

• Ampush recruits new drivers using Facebook advertising tailored to individual markets and audiences. Ads attracting drivers in major urban centers differ from those recruiting in small towns; ads for college students are different than those addressing baby boomers.

• Ampush analysts track dozens of Facebook lookalike audiences for the customer and regularly provide insights that are used to inform the customer’s cross-channel creative and targeting strategies.

• The AMP platform reveals exactly what works, and at what cost, to get potential drivers all the way to their first ride.

• The AMP platform manages and tracks both offline and online aspects of a campaign to ensure ROI, including the completion of an application to become a driver and a driver’s first trip.


Facebook advertising by Ampush delivered over 100,000 applications from potential drivers in a recent quarter. This submission rate is up more than 300% over the previous quarter, even as cost per acquisition dropped. Ongoing work to optimize the mobile experience for potential drivers has increased the share of mobile traffic by 7X during 2015 and yieled ad 40% increase in conversion rate via signup flow optimization.

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