Video Streaming Service

A major video streaming service rapidly scales user acquisition on Twitter

Their Story

The partner is a major video streaming service for television shows, movies, and other online media. A leader in overall video distribution, the partner is rapidly expanding its mobile video streaming audience via its apps.


The partner aimed to drive user registrations with likely high LTV for their video streaming service.


• Ampush analysts utilized audience performance data gathered from previous Ampush campaigns for the partner on Facebook and Instagram to determine optimal targeting and creative strategies for the partner’s campaign launch on Twitter.

• Ampush analysts targeted unique audience segments for each show using both Twitter handle affiliation and keyword targeting.

• Ampush analysts were able to more than 30 campaigns at once using Ampush’s AMP platform for Twitter, which allows for bulk ad creation, monitoring, and optimization.

• Ampush analysts improved campaign efficiency by optimizing its audience targeting. Showing the ideal match-up of imagery and copy to the right audience was key to driving performance.


• Ampush analysts increased the campaign’s scale by over 81%.

• Successful audience targeting strategies resulted in an increase in weekly sign-ups to the service by 142%.

• Ampush’s audience targeting strategy made the campaign more efficient and decreased the cost per sign up by 43%.

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