Improving Creative Performance

Unlock Performance with Creative Analysis

Creative is one of the most impactful levers in improving the performance of campaigns. The top platforms require up-to-date creative and one approach may not achieve top performance across all platforms. A robust, data-driven approach to Creative Analysis will help inform your creative strategy for each digital platform and even amongst different audience groups.

Comparing Ad Performance by Platform

Our designers have expertise in creative strategy for each of the major platforms Ampush services. They identify each partner’s top and bottom performing creative using a combination of campaign performance factors relating to that partner’s specific business objective. We want to see which creative had the biggest impact on ultimately driving revenue.

Creative Analysis

Ampush designers do a deep dive into the common ad elements of the top and bottom performing ads on each platform. Each platform has different visual best practices and trends for top performing ads. Our designers assess a wide variety of creative elements including:

Best Practices for Static Ads
  • Plain or single color backgrounds

  • Bold styling

  • Single subject focal point

  • Zoomed in or cropped subjects

  • Logo and CTA for Facebook

  • No logo or CTA for Instagram

  • Light color palette

What to Avoid for Facebook and Instagram Ads:
  • Busy backgrounds

  • Zoomed out subjects

  • Patterned backgrounds

  • Multiple subjects

  • Dark/muted colors