Ampush Ends Year with Triple Digit Growth on $200M Run Rate Spend

October 27, 2014

185% year-over-year growth driven by deepened focus on cross-platform mobile advertising.

Ampush, the leading in-feed mobile advertising technology company, today announced that it will end the year on a $200M run rate of spend on the AMP platform, up from $70M at the end of last year. The 185% year-over-year growth is credited to the company’s increased focus on cross-platform mobile advertising. The results place Ampush in a leading position within the mobile advertising landscape, which analysts expect to be worth $35 billion by year’s end, nearly doubling the $18 billion spent on mobile last year.

“We believe platforms with in-feed ad formats, authentic identity, and programmatic buying will become as critical as any other media channel that exists today, providing one of the most compelling and innovative ways to drive advertising performance,” said Jesse Pujji, Co-Founder and CEO at Ampush. “We’re thrilled to play a leading role in shaping an industry that is quickly evolving and opening new possibilities for our customers every day.”

As the mobile advertising landscape expands and more platforms develop offerings, advertisers will require streamlined solutions that effectively reach people where they spend the most time. With 60% of all Internet consumption now happening on mobile, and U.S. consumers using an average of three devices, reaching consumers effectively now requires targeting, measurement, and content creation capabilities that span multiple screens. With Ampush’s technology and solutions, advertisers gain a single point of access to the largest and most robust platforms that enable them to reach the right person, with the right message, at exactly the right time, enabling optimal ROI.

Advertisers using Ampush’s AMP platform through the third quarter of 2014 increasingly embraced cross-platform mobile advertising. Customer highlights include:

  • Mobile advertising budgets increased 233% in Q3 2014 compared to the comparable year-over-year period
  • CPM pricing increased 23% year-over-year to $4.90 driven by a continued adoption of high-performing mobile ad units
  • Mobile app install CPIs grew 29% to $3.48 year-over-year alongside increased competition for new users

Ampush provides details and insights in its Q3 Mobile Advertising Trends Report, available for download on the company’s website. With continued expansion planned, 2015 is expected to be another year of strong growth as Ampush focuses on expanding its technology to new channels and more advertisers worldwide. The company is rapidly hiring in San Francisco and New York, and plans to expand its presence to additional regions.

About Ampush

Ampush helps performance marketers acquire new users, generate sales, and re-engage customers. By powering full-service ad buying, management and insights, the AMP platform makes it easy for advertisers to reach people with smarter in-feed ads on Facebook and Twitter. Ampush has offices in San Francisco and New York. For more information, visit