Ampush Honored at White House for the 2012 Empact100 List

October 9, 2012

San Francisco, October 9, 2012 – Ampush, a technology and analytics-driven online marketing startup based in San Francisco, received their 2012 Empact100 Showcase award at the White House last week. Contributing over 8,000 jobs and $1.2 billion to the U.S. economy, companies named to the Empact100 demonstrate the power of young entrepreneurs and successful startups. Forbes also featured this list of young entrepreneurs.

“We are greatly honored to be recognized by the 2012 Empact Academy,” said Jesse Pujji, CEO of Ampush. “My co-founders and I will continue striving to support other young entrepreneurs through internships, advising, and more. Very quickly, the three of us went from more traditional jobs on Wall Street to creating something brand new – software and infrastructure to run advertising campaigns for big brands on Facebook. ”

The Empact100 list is comprised of the top 100 companies with the United States’ leading entrepreneurs who are age 30 and under, and whose annual revenues are more than $100,000. Ampush is joined by 11 other Bay Area companies on the Empact list including 99designs, Back to the Roots, and ReTargeter. Ampush has more than doubled their number of employees annually since their 2009 launch and greatly increased revenue each year over year.

“The annual Empact100 and Empact Showcase are both a testament to the impact that entrepreneurs are making on our economy, and an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs,” said Sarah Green, Co-Founder, Empact100. “We are proud of all of the 2012 Empact 100 honorees and pleased to support them by celebrating the spirit, dedication and hard work that has made them successful entrepreneurs.”

About Ampush

Ampush, a technology and analytics-driven social media software company, helps brands and advertisers leverage the Social Graph. Ampush is a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program.  The company builds proprietary analytics and automation tools that leverage social, search, and display platforms with deep experience across education, daily deals, social gaming, and Fortune 500 brands.  Founded in 2009 by Chris Amos, Jesse Pujji, and Nick Shah, Ampush has offices in San Francisco, New York City, and San Diego. Learn more at

About the Empact Showcase and Empact 100

In early 2012, entrepreneurs meeting the minimum criteria from across the country were invited by Empact to apply for the Empact Showcase.  The list was judged primarily by revenue, with additional factors such as number of employees, social impact, growth over the past year, and innovativeness coming into play.  The official 2012 Empact100 list was determined by the Empact100 Academy who reviewed the entrepreneurs’ responses. Members of the Academy are among the United States’ leading entrepreneurs, and include:

  • Aaron Batalion, Founder & CTO, Living Social
  • Gene Landrum, Founder, Chuck E. Cheese
  • Jeff Hoffman, Founding Team Member,
  • Jeff Sandefer, Founder, Action Foundation & Sandefer Offshore
  • Mike Delazzer, Founder, Redbox
  • Linda Rottenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Endeavor
  • Chuck Templeton, Founder, Open Table


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