Partner Categories Will Bring a New Era of Ad Relevance on Facebook

April 10, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO (April 10) – Today Facebook released a new targeting feature, titled “partner categories.” This feature helps advertisers reach Facebook users based on offline purchasing behavior. Partner categories range from more general, such as purchasers of luxury goods, to more specific, such as purchasers of cereal. Ampush anticipates that partner categories will improve advertisers’ ability to reach relevant consumers and drive greater performance for marketers on Facebook. This feature was developed through partnerships with third party data companies Datalogix, Epsilon, and Acxiom.

Facebook and Datalogix

In 2012, Facebook formed a partnership with Datalogix, a data company that looks at offline purchases made using customer loyalty cards. This data generates consumer profiles, accounting for 70 million American households and over $1 trillion in transactions. Partner categories integrate Datalogix’s consumer audience segments into Facebook’s targeting capabilities. Facebook has also formed partnerships with Epsilon and Acxiom, to expand and enhance targeting capabilities.

Best Use Cases

Partner categories can be used to achieve several Facebook campaign goals:

  • Purchases:  A travel booking site featuring ski resort packages can target frequent travelers, people who spend money on sporting goods, and outdoor activity enthusiasts.
  • Fan Acquisition: A high-end clothing brand looking to build a fan base can use partner categories to target people who buy luxury items and drive luxury automobile brands.
  • Engagement: Unpublished page posts can be targeted to serve relevant images and messaging for specific audience segments using partner categories.
  • New User Acquisition: Find people likely to sign up for an e-commerce site or subscribe to an online service based on their purchasing behaviors offline.

Partner categories are expected to be a powerful targeting capability for marketers to reach the relevant audience with the relevant message. These categories represent one of the greatest advances Facebook has made to deliver relevant and personalized advertising. Partner Categories will greatly enhance user experience and engagement, as well as the likelihood of downstream conversion events.

Ampush is a social technology company helping brands and direct response advertisers achieve performance at scale with Facebook Ads. As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), our fully managed solutions deliver marketing ROI by amplifying the viral power of social recommendations, which Ampush calls Referred Intent. Ampush won Facebook’s PMD Innovation Competition in March 2013. Select clients include MasterCard, Kellogg’s, Samsung, Rdio, and LivingSocial. Ampush is based in San Francisco with offices in Chicago and New York.


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