Why In-House Advertising Costs More Than You Think

Why In-House Advertising Costs More Than You Think

Maintaining your own advertising and marketing team is never as easy or budget-conscious as it may seem at the onset. Owning ad operations, from campaign management to employees, offers control, but also comes with its own unforeseeable costs. We’ve compiled this report to give top brands a better idea of the true costs of in-house advertising operations.

This guide paints a realistic picture of the benefits, but also lesser known downfalls of opting for an in-house solution for in-feed ad buying.

In this eBook:

  • The challenges of staffing a capable team
  • The time demands of running effective ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter
  • Performance, innovation, and customization constraints of siloing ad operations in-house
  • The benefits of working with a fully managed platform
  • Proper considerations when choosing an in-feed advertising partner
  • Taking advertising in-house draws a similar comparison.

Hidden Costs of In-house Advertising Report


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