Mobile Retargeting for Retailers

Mobile Retargeting for Retailers

Cross-Platform Retargeting Strategies for Retailers

Learn how to retarget high intent customers cross-platform using Facebook Custom Audiences. Mobile retargeting enables advertisers to recapture previous website visitors while they browse other sites – a proven tactic for boosting conversions and lowering ad delivery costs. With Facebook Custom Audiences from websites and mobile apps, advertisers can retarget previous website visitors or mobile app users cross-platform. By combining the power of retargeting with mobile inventory, Facebook Custom Audiences provides advertisers an incredibly effective way to acquire new customers. Cross-platform retargeting can help top brands improve lead quality, increase conversions, and improve return on ad spend.

In this white paper:

  • Mobile retargeting strategies for Facebook
  • Why cross-platform retargeting is in demand
  • The major benefits for online advertisers
  • How retargeting with Facebook Custom Audiences works
  • How Custom Audiences retargeting is different from FBX
  • Tips and best practices for getting started
  • How to work with an ads partner



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