Advertising Strategy for Mobile Apps

Advertising Strategy for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Advertising Strategy Guide

Discover effective campaign tactics and native, mobile app advertising strategy to connect with existing and potential customers to achieve and scale your business goals. Though app store purchases have surpassed $25 billion and continue to rise, developers are increasingly finding it difficult to stand out and acquire new users profitably in a highly-saturated app market. Mobile-first, highly-trafficked mobile apps like Facebook provide the perfect medium for reaching and activating new app users. As the app market continues its expansion to new geographies, new categories and new devices, many developers are still trying to figure out how to best acquire new users on these platforms. Inside this guide, we outline proven strategies and tactics for driving mobile app installs at scale while maintaining customer quality and boosting customer lifetime value.

In this guide:

  • Key growth opportunities for mobile apps and games
  • Effective Facebook advertising strategies for mobile app user acquisition
  • App install benchmarks for CPA, CTR, CPC, and conversion rate
  • Proven ad campaign tactics Ampush uses for mobile app campaigns
  • Recommended Facebook advertising solutions for specific mobile app and gaming objectives

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