Ampush Mobile Advertising Benchmarks | Q1 2015 Report

Ampush Mobile Advertising Benchmarks | Q1 2015 Report

Q1 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks for 2015

Compared to just a year ago, marketers are seeing competition for inventory and simultaneously prices continue to rise as more brands and direct response marketers realize profitable results with in-feed ads on mobile devices. More than ever, campaign success requires creativity, familiarity with the medium, and the time and resources to test and run multiple campaigns across diverse platforms. A managed approach to mobile advertising presents the most effective way to achieve campaign objectives on Facebook and Twitter. Top brands will learn what trends to prepare for in the upcoming months from our report on Q1 mobile advertising benchmarks.

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  • Spend and pricing trends in Q1 and year-over-year growth
  • International and vertical-specific insights
  • Strategies for added campaign efficiency and profitability in the current market

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