The Advertiser’s Guide to Reaching Travelers on Facebook

The Advertiser’s Guide to Reaching Travelers on Facebook

Discover effective campaign tactics and native ad strategies to connect with customers across the buying cycle. Travel brand digital advertising spend is expected to grow from $3.35 billion in 2013 to $4.96 billion by 2017, and travel bookings are transitioning from the desktop to mobile with almost 20% of online hotel bookings done through a mobile device. It is also projected that 50% of online bookings will be made from a mobile device by 2017. Our top analysts collected their top tips for travel brand advertising strategy to create this guide.

Download the guide to learn key strategies and tactics we use to drive mobile bookings and improve last click attribution within Facebook for our top tier partners within the travel vertical.

In this guide:

  • Key growth opportunities for the travel brands and opportunities
  • Strategies for travel advertisers on Facebook
  • Travel benchmarks for travel marketers’ native advertising efforts
  • Proven ad campaign tactics Ampush uses for partner campaigns
  • Recommended native advertising solutions for specific travel marketing objectives

Premier Travel Brand Advertising Strategy on Facebook

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